Argo Wisata Loko Antik in Pangkah, Central Java

OLD TRAINS : Old Dutch trains that look like Thomas & Friends at Argo Wisata Loko Antik and Pangkah Sugarcane Factory in Tegal Regency. ( Satria Yudha)

TEGAL – Argo Wisata Loko Antik is managed by Pangkah Sugar Factory in Tegal Regency which is part of PTPN (PT Perkebunan Nusantara) IV in Central Java.

Pangkah Sugar Factory is a sugarcane plantation, which was a Dutch colonial heritage, which has been nationalized as an Indonesian company.

The location is in Bogares village, Pangkah subdistrict, Tegal regency, Central Java Province. In addition to enjoying Lokomotif Antik, you can also visit the sugarcane factory and take a look at how to make sugar by using machines.

It has some facilities such as parking lots, an Islamic prayer room, bathrooms, toilets, lodges, and some others. At occasional moments before harvesting season starts, the temanten tebu ritual will be held as a form of thankfulness to the God Almighty for the harvest that they get that year.

It is a very interesting place which has a lot to offer. How pity it is to be missed out when you are in Tegal, but have no chance to visit such a historical tourist attraction which is very beautiful.

It can be a good place for you along with your family to visit, especially during a long public holiday or any other kind of holiday. (Red3/Wisata)

Editor: Irene Indah

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