Crew Shore Leave at Dubai Cruise Terminal for 3 Days

TERMINAL : A crewmember who was inside a Dubai Cruise Terminal that looked like a huge mall. There were many miniatures and wallpapers inside. Visitors could visit some interesting wallpapers and miniatures before they got out of the cruise terminal and went off gallivanting to explore the real tourist attractions. ( Satria Yudha)

DUBAI – Travelling around the world is affordable for rich people only. Wait? For rich people only? Are you sure? Well, that is not always true. If we want to travel around the world for free, not even spend a cent, we can work for a cruise ship or airline company.

Every cruise ship or airline company has dozens of fleets. Every fleet flies to or sails for specific destinations, some of which travel around the world.

“For such a person as me, I will never have the chance to travel around the world for free, have fun, and get paid a lot if I don’t work on cruise ships,” Ryan Satria Yudha, a former Indonesia sailor on American cruise ships, told BeeNewsID.

Ryan has worked on three different cruise ships owned by the same company. He travelled around the world when he worked on Sun Princess. Dubai was one of the famous tourist destinations that Sun Princess sailed for.

Right before the ship docked at one of Dubai Cruise Terminals (when the ship was still sailing at sea near a coastline), both employees who were off duty and passengers stood on open decks excitedly. They were mesmerized by the impressive city skyline of Dubai that stretched along the coastline.

They took pictures and pointed at famous skyscrapers such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al-Arab. Even for those who visited Dubai for the very first time ever as if they had already been there before.

Anyone on board might go on shore and off gallivanting as far as they could possibly reach since the ship stayed for 3 days. Before anyone on board could explore Dubai, they had to obtain a UAE visa first which would be automatically granted at the port without having to apply. Once they got the visa, then they could explore Dubai.

Dubai cruise terminal was the first tourist attraction that everyone could visit before others. It was like a huge mall. There were miniatures and wallpapers of tourist attractions inside that terminal. There were souvenirs, people mostly bought the miniatures of Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. (Red3/International)

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